• It was a surprise!
    It was a surprise!
  • Official ceremony <nobr>of becoming a Student</nobr>
    Official ceremony of becoming a Student
  • School parliament election day
    School parliament election day
  • A bicycle tour
    A bicycle tour
  • A trip to Biskupin
    A trip to Biskupin
  • International Day <nobr>of Foreign Languages</nobr>
    International Day of Foreign Languages
  • A trip to Amadeusz Ranch
    A trip to Amadeusz Ranch
  • Class 2a in the BWA Gallery
    Class 2a in the BWA Gallery
  • A trip to mining village in Piła – Młyn
    A trip to mining village in Piła – Młyn
  • ''Czar Dwóch Kółek'' competition <nobr>- The Great Final</nobr>
    ''Czar Dwóch Kółek'' competition - The Great Final
  • Clean Up the World 2016
    Clean Up the World 2016
  • The ceremonial planting <br />of the Oak of Remembrance <br />in the Ossolińskich Alley
    The ceremonial planting
    of the Oak of Remembrance
    in the Ossolińskich Alley
  • 7th Run of Martyrdom and National Remembrance on Szwedorowo
    7th Run of Martyrdom and National Remembrance on Szwedorowo
  • Meeting with Mrs Anna Gruszczyńska, the President of Pol-Soc Society
    Meeting with Mrs Anna Gruszczyńska, the President of Pol-Soc Society
  • Adaptation Camp in Wiktorowo
    Adaptation Camp in Wiktorowo
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Pumpkin Festival - 28.10.2016 | All Saints' Day - 31.10–1.11.2016 | Independence Day - 11.11.2016 (school ceremony 10.11) | International Day of Tolerance - 16.11.2016 | Sokrates Talent Show - 21-25.11.2016 | Teddy Bear Day (cl.1-3) - 25.11.2016 | St. Andrew’s - 29.11.2016 | Santa Claus Sports Tournament - 06.12.2016 | "Szlachetna paczka" - "Noble Parcel" - December 2016 | Christmas market - 19.12.2016 | Class Christmas Eve, Nativity play, Christmas Concert - 22.12.2016 | Christmas Holidays - 23–31.12.2016 |
New Year - 01.01.2017 | Epiphany Day - 06.01.2017 | Winter holidays - 30.01 -12.02.2017 | Lenten retreat - April 2017 | Easter holidays - 13.04–18.04.2017 | Junior High School state examinations - 19-21.04.2017 | Day of Constitution of May 3 - 1–3.05.2017 | Corpus Christi - 15–16.06.2017 | The end of the school year - 23.06.2017 | Summer holidays - 01.07.2017 - 31.08.2017 |  
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Extracurricular activities

Extracurricular activities for all Sokrates students every day until 4:35 PM.

Activities at the science club develop interests and artistic talents. Children can eagerly realize their ideas. Young artists can learn new techniques: cutting, painting, gluing. This time we used paper plates. We have to admit that our students’ imagination has no limits :)

Every child from the early years observes parent preparing meals in the kitchen. Helping mum or grandma with baking cookies, making fruit and vegetable salads and making dinner is a major attraction. The best reward is eating prepared dishes ant treats together.

To address those – strongly needed in life – interests of younger and older children, in order to shape their cooking skill, cooking classes have been held in our school for the last few years. Students can learn how to prepare simple dishes and learn techniques vital for cooking. They can learn how to select menu for various occasions and basics of Polis cuisine as well as other cuisines. Above all, children can learn the rules of healthy nutrition and presenting their dishes.

We base on the products brought by children from their homes – usually cheap, available in every shop. Prepared dishes, mostly done by children themselves, are usually taken back home, but when they are hungry, they eat their dishes right away.

I offer a great opportunity for your children to become junior chefs, work in fun and relaxed atmosphere preparing colourful sandwiches, finger food, pancakes, kissels, mousses, salads, cookies, cupcakes, cocktails e.t.c.

Science club “Plants and animals” was created for the children who are curious about the world. Classes are aimed at learning about and contact with the world of plants and animals. They also help to share the knowledge and experience. They broaden pro-ecological awareness. The classes are held in the classroom as well as in the field. Previous classes took place in the park. Children got to know trees such as: oak tree, chestnut, lime tree, maple tree. They also gathered chestnuts and acorns and used them to make creatures, animals and other things.

View timetable.
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